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  • Teams consist of eight players with up to four substitutes. 
    • (All players must have some sort of coordinated colors/costume/theme)
  • Coed teams may consist of either gender, however at least two players must be female must be on the court
  • All female teams are allowed
  • All team members will receive a tournament shirt  
    (Extra shirts can be pre-ordered for $20.)
  • Minimum of 6 players is needed to avoid a forfeit (Including one female).
  • Teams can have a total of 12 players. 
    •  The additional players can:
      • play in later games if your team progresses 
      • just be part of your team and get cool shirt
      • can enter via caught ball (max 8 on court at one time and MUST ALTERNATE male/female.)
  • Each team is guaranteed 2 regular play games
  • Games are 5 minutes of fast paced fun & craziness. 
  • Bracket Wall will be updated after every game
  • Teams are required to be courtside 2 minutes before their game as their is only 1 minute between games. 
  • Time clock starts exactly 1 minute after previous game. If team is late, you will be penalized by playing 1-man down.
  • The Top 4 Teams will play 7 minute games in the “Playoff Court’.  
    (if one of these teams has not lost yet, they will get to play a 2nd game to determine who moves forward)
  • Weather permitting FINALS will be will have an added blacklight effect.  
The Court
The court is a caged 40' x 60' court  with a 6’ X 40’ neutral zone located at center court separating the two sides.
*Every effort is made to obtain the correct dimensions. However court size may be adjusted to best suit the available space.

  • Eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” A player is declared out if:
  • You hit an opponent with a thrown ball, before it hits the ground and BELOW THE SHOULDERS
  • You catch an opponent’s thrown ball BEFORE it makes contact with the ground.  

  • No Deflections of any kind.
  • SIX balls will be used. ALL balls are the same medium sized balls (3 on each side of center line and are considered "Sting Free Balls made by Rhino" )
  • Teams and players are confined to the centerline and their side notated HOME or AWAY.
  • Players may NOT leave the playing area. UNLESS they have been knocked ‘out’. Please rely on spectators to retrieve balls. However, if a player goes out of bounds to avoid getting out, they will be called out.
  • Players will be called out if:
    •  a thrown ball, not a kicked ball, hits them on the fly
    • player ducks or is on the ground and is hit in the head, the player hit will be called out
    • a ball they throw is caught on the fly
    • a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession, it does not make either player out. If the ball is dropped as a result of contact from the thrown ball, then the player who drops the ball is out.
  • If the ball is caught by a player than one of his teammates in jail are allowed back on the court.
  • Once a player is out, they must immediately leave the main playing floor behind their own baseline. *Players who have been called out cannot retrieve stray balls for their teammates, or that ball will be given to other team. Players must line up in order of going ‘out’.  
  • Once the whistle is blown all action will stop and play will be reset. Teams will keep the same number of balls they had prior to the whistle being blown.
  • In the event of a tie, 1-minute sudden death overtime, involving only those players still active at the end of regulation will be played. The team to eliminate one opponent first will be the winner.
  • If still a tie, for sake of time restrictions, the teams will flip a coin to see who wins.   

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